All of our viewers, thanks a million times to you all for tuning in on Mondays and Wednesdays for our direct no-hold-barred to recap Monday's show Briana lead the topic with the great bonnet debate in public and how we should represent it!!!

This coming Monday June 14th, 2021 Elle will have the lead topic on "When do you stop trusting the best friends in your relationship??" and of course, we rehash our favorite trending topics, our way!! that's all on Monday.

Wednesday is not short stopping this day we welcome our latest special guest @ 2:30 pm CST, but our fabulous viewers will have to stay tuned for more clues visit our social media, and I would like to challenge you guys to check out the guest and ask us questions that we'll answer. The two no-nonsense women will also share our favorite 90s movies, feel free to share yours and of course, we stream live from all of our platforms beginning @ 1pm cst to 4pm #elleellis #brianamarrae #drjeretfite #ellbentertainment.

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