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This Monday Dr. Jerrett Fite has week's main topic which was how long do you stay in a bad relationship, and how far do you go to support your partner or spouse's dream. Every Monday throughout the month each of us will bring the main topic and the other two have no idea what it is. We are three unique individuals Gen X & Millennials who respectfully disagree or mainly its Briana & Dr. Fite ganging up on Elle LOL!!!. We're giving you something to talk about. WATCH OUT!!!!!

If you just can't get enough of us then tune back in on Wednesdays for The No Nonsense Women & Co. with the company being all of you our viewers, listeners, family, & friends. We give you way back Wednesday, our favorite 90's movies, individual live streamed with talented artist from around the globe, you can find out who the upcoming guest will be from our website You guys are welcome to leave questions about the guest or anything you hear us talking about on the live streams and we will answer them as soon as we can!!!!

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The Month of July is filled with awesomeness talented musicians and a great panel discussion about the females responsibility when dating added to our panel was Trudy Legard ,DR.G and our usual three

All of our viewers, thanks a million times to you all for tuning in on Mondays and Wednesdays for our direct no-hold-barred to recap Monday's show Briana lead the topic with the great bon